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The “H-I-J Challenge”

Here are the rules:

Use a 4-inch cardboard rocket (kit or scratch built) and successfully fly and recover it 3 times using:

An Aerotech H-100W DMS, I-140W DMS, and a J-270W DMS motor.

No electronics are allowed (Jolly Logic Chute Release is OK).

Contact Bob Jablonski,  (574) 540-1123, to order motors.  

Limited to eight contestants.

Only motors from Bob are permitted.

Cost is $190 for the three motors.

Pick up motors at ThunderStruck 2023.

Use a special flight card to track each flight. FOR EACH FLIGHT:

The LCO will record the launch time, the flyer will recover the rocket and immediately return it to the RSO.

The RSO will record the time the rocket is returned to the RSO.

The lowest total recorded time from all 3 launches wins:  A J-270W motor and a $95 coupon for motors from Countyline Hobbies.

Bob is the judge for this event.